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Peculiarity Productions is a Washington DC based theater group dedicated to the promotion of circus and flow arts. We believe our art form is a vibrant, yet obscure discipline with unlimited potential for creation. We seek to expand our art and present it to new audiences through collaboration and community participation. 

Peculiarity Productions is working to grow our art form through the following three components:

Talent Placement: Connecting experienced and proven performers to the artistically thirsty through professional  processes. We have access to the most talented and dependable performers in the DMV area and will help you find the right performance to enhance your party or event.

Looking for a performer for your next event or want to book us? Contact us and we'll tailor the performance to your needs!

Mentoring/Teaching: We host experienced and proven teachers who conduct classes on performance and technique. We expand our art by providing teachers with the space to pass on their knowledge and allow novice performers the opportunity to learn and grow while encouraging those newly interested in flow arts to pick up a prop. We further strive to teach and preach the importance and principles of fire safety.

Want to come to one of our classes? Find us on Facebook to get all the details!

Want to teach a class or have an idea for collaboration? Contact us and tell us your idea!

Production: We are constantly looking for new ways to frame and display our art form through live performance and theater. Our productions combine elements of story telling with multiple forms of movement and dance to showcase the diverse capabilities of the flow arts. 

Photo Credit: Tony Hitchcock

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